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Fireworks on the 4th of July

4th of July Events in Rockport Fulton

Check out the live views of 4th of July Fireworks from the locals…

We know that we don’t need an excuse to enjoy a trip away from home. That means that any weekend is the right weekend to be in Rockport. However, we are not planning to squander a gift like the Fourth of July holiday! It’s summer, and the place to be in Texas is on the coast! These are facts: the Earth is round (OK, spherical), water is wet (I checked the Gulf personally to verify), and I’d rather be in Rockport on the Fourth than most anywhere else. Celebrate the holiday with us, and declare yourself independent from the gravitational pull of whichever big city has you in its grip. 

We have fireworks! We have a patriotic boat parade starting at noon. The boat parade goes through the Key Allegro Marina, through the Little Bay to the park area. If you’ve got a boat, why not wear something with lots of flags and join the parade? You don’t even have to fill out a form. If you’re content just to watch, try anywhere along Little Bay or from Rockport Beach.

Fireworks start at dark for The Wendell Family Fireworks Show.

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